Velidhoo (Dhivehi: ވެލިދޫ) is one of the inhabited islands of Noonu Atoll.

The origin of the first settlers of the Velidhu Island still remains a mystery. The historians date early settlers back to 5 th century BC with the Aryan immigrants coming from neighboring countries India and Srilanka. According to early settlers the Veliduans we found today mix up of people from the near two islands in the atoll. The Magoodhoo and Tholhendhoo Island and today Velidhu is found as the island with highest population count within the atoll. The Veliduans language is Dhivehi .

The island has a lot of historic monuments too and one of them is the presence of a tree ( velidhu bodu nikagas ), a tree which has been there fore more than 5 centuries recorded. The island is said to be one of the greatest fishing area in the Maldives , Specially the Noonu Atoll within the atoll.

Much of the history of Velidhu is yet unknown this is due to the slow civilization process and is unstable. but research and studies are being done and on going to find the mysteries hidden. this is one of the reason why this web site has been launched.

Below is a list of people who has filled the prestigious post of island chief. dates are provided in the people who’s time are well known

   * Katheebu Kaleyge – Muththoshige Gasim Fulhu(Late) – Muththosige
   * Hassan Kaleyfaanu (Late) – Muththosige
   * Ibrahim Moosa (Naibu dhonkokko) (Late) – Seesange
   * Easa Gasim (Late) – Daylight Mohamed Gasim (Late) – Ochidmaage
   * Mohamed Hassan – Muththoshige ( 03 June 1964 - 09 July 1977 )
   * Ali Moosa Kaleyfanu – Elpaso ( 06 Sep 1976 – 16 may 1978)
   * Ahmed Wasif – Rediyamge ( 02 Nov 1982 – 01 Dec 1983 )
   * Moosa Hassanfulhu – Dheyliyage ( 17 Nov 1965 – 1992)
   * Mohamed Abubakur(Late) – Hilihilage ( 19 June 1982 – 31 July 1989 )
   * Abdul Samed Adam Kaleyfanu – Lubomage ( 03 Sep 1977 – 07 April 1982 )
   * Mohamed Hassan(Magoodhu Mohamed Fulhu) Dorensyvila ( 31 March 1970 )
   * Ahmed Waheed (Lholhendhu Waheed) ( 29-Aug 1970- 14 Jun 1975 )
   * Abdul Azeez Moosa –Oasanvilla ( 06 July 1978 – 19 July 1979

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